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BJP-JSP alliance only nominal, says Madhav

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Creating a sensation in political circles, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) senior leader PVN Madhav has alleged that the Jana Sena did not ask the voters to cast their ballots in favour of the saffron party in the just-concluded elections for Graduate MLC seats in the State.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Madhav said that the Jana Sena appealed to voters to defeat the YSRCP but it did not ask them to vote for the BJP. “People believed the BJP is working closely with the YSRCP,” Madhav observed.

“Now the BJP-Jana Sena alliance is only nominal. If the BJP and Jana Sena leaders go to the people together, they will believe that the BJP-JSP alliance still exists,” he said.

The BJP leader alleged that the Jana Sena leaders, including Pawan Kalyan, did not object when the PDF MLC candidates had claimed that the Jana Sena was supporting them. When the BJP leaders had taken the matter to the notice of Pawan Kalyan on the PDF candidates claiming the JSP’s support, he did not respond, Madhav criticised.

The nominal alliance with the JSP badly damaged the electoral prospects of the BJP, Madhav said and observed that If the BJP and JSP want to continue their alliance, they should work at the ground level and create confidence among the people that the BJP-JSP alliance still exists, he opined. If the Jana Sena wants to pull out of the alliance, it is free to do so, he said.

“Despite seeking the JSP’s support to the BJP candidates in the MLC elections, we have not received any cooperation from the JSP,” Madav said and admitted that the BJP and JSP workers are not working together at the field level.

“If the BJP and JSP activists work together at the ground level, as Pawan Kalyan wants, good results can be yielded. Pawan Kalyan and Manohar should think over it,” Madhav said.

The senior BJP leader felt that the TDP had got the anti-government votes in North AP districts. He announced that the BJP would release a ‘charge sheet’ against the YSRCP misrule in the month of May.

Referring to Pawan Kalyan’s comments on the roadmap which he was expecting from the BJP, Madhav clarified that the roadmap means fighting against the government’s failures and anti-people policies. “Pawan Kalyan has a good political future in AP and the Machilipatnam public meeting proved it. If the BJP and JSP work together, the alliance will get massive support from the people,” Madhav said. He also made it clear that the BJP did not know whether Pawan Kalyan would go with the TDP. However, at present, the BJP is going with the Jana Sena, he said.

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