Thursday, December 7, 2023

BJP strategy is to see BRS, Cong don’t get magic figure

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After BJP leadership has lost the hope on coming to power in Telangana it has changed its strategy. Now the BJP is aiming for a hung Assembly in Telangana State where there are total 119 Assembly seats. To form the government in Telangana any party has to win at least 60 Assembly seats. Now the BJP plan is to see that the BRS or the Congress do not reach this figure. The BRS and the Congress are in a strong hope over their victory in the coming Assembly elections. The BJP leadership feels that if they are able to win 10 to 15 seats, then a hung Assembly is certain. If they are able to confine the BRS and the Congress to below 50 seats, than no party will be able to form the government.

If the AIMIM retains its seven seats, the remaining seats will be 112. If the BJP wins 10 or 15 seats, the BRS and the Congress have to share the remaining 102 or 97 seats. In the present political circumstances, there is no chance for the BRS or the Congress for one-sided victory. If the BRS and the Congress win equal seats, each party will have 51 or 43 seats. The Congress has no friendly party in Telangana. If the BRS wins 51 or 43 seats, its friendly party AIMIM will extend support. Then also, the BRS will fail to reach the magic figure and it will stop at 58 or 50 seats.

If no political party or alliance manages to receive an absolute majority it will be a hung Assembly. In such a scenario, it is not possible for any party to form a government without support from the other political parties. As for practice, the Governor invites the leader of the single largest party to form the government and usually gives the leader and the party 10 days to show an absolute majority. If the party is unable to show a majority in the prescribed time, the Governor dissolves the Assembly and calls for re-election. Then till the new Assembly elections, President’s rule will be imposed in the State.
Meanwhile, the BJP is trying to improve its position to win more number of seats. In this process, Union Minister and Telangana BJP president G Kishan Reddy met Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan and requested his party support in the coming Assembly elections.  If the Jana Sena extends its support, the BJP will certainly improve its vote bank in the constituencies, particularly where the Seemandhra settlers, that too Kapu caste, have seizable number of voters.  After the Assembly elections, within six months, Lok Sabha elections will come. The BJP feels that it will gain in the Lok Sabha elections if the Telangana State will be under President’s rule.
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