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Black shoes, two pairs of socks for all schoolkids: Praveen Prakash

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Principal Secretary of the School Education Department has confirmed that arrangements are underway to ensure that all students, from Classes 1 to 10, receive essential school supplies promptly. It has been mandated that all black shoes are to be delivered by June 5, with distribution scheduled to coincide with the reopening of schools on June 12.
In a press release on Tuesday, he emphasised the importance of quality and uniformity. He disclosed his personal involvement in visiting shoe manufacturing facilities, similar to the scrutiny applied to school bag production. During these visits, specific directives were issued to ensure the suitability of the footwear across a range of foot sizes, from 16 cm to 30 cm.
Specifications for the manufacturing process were meticulously outlined, with the upper part of the shoe mandated to be constructed from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, with a thickness of 1.8 mm +- 0.22 mm. Additionally, the sole material was stipulated to possess a density of 0.85 +- 0.10 grams/cm³.
Addressing the workers directly, the Secretary underscored that the responsibility for both the quality and timely delivery of the products rests not solely on the manufacturers but also the overseeing officers. As shoe manufacturing operates within a centralised industry, any lapses in quality or supply would directly implicate the Principal Secretary, necessitating utmost care and diligence from all stakeholders involved.

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