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Blending her artistic skills in the most creative ways

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Actor, singer, dancer, and now content creator Sai Godbole has turned into an internet sensation. This bunch of talent, who is climbing the ladder of success gets candid with The Pioneer about her passion for different art forms, becoming an overnight sensation, and more.

Tejal Sinha

Social media, especially Instagram and YouTube, is filled with artists who have been presenting their talents in different ways. Every day, we get to see so many talents rise through these platforms. Well, one amongst them is actor, singer, dancer, and now content creator Sai Godbole, who has turned out to be an overnight sensation.

Sai created a beautiful song out of the titles of the most popular songs of singer Arijit Singh, turning her into an internet sensation in no time. For the uninitiated, she’s the daughter of the renowned actors Kishori Godbole and Sachin Godbole. Having grown up around such amazing artists, Sai has always been passionate about the arts. In a quick-fun chat with us, she shares, “Ever since I found my passion and interests in acting, singing, dancing, and now creation, I was always encouraged by my family to pursue it wholeheartedly, as long as I did it all with integrity and proper training.”

Initially, ‘finding a niche or a social media personality’ was a huge question in front of her since she wanted to bring a mixed bag of skills and the arts to it and to her good fortune. She shares that the audience has always been welcoming of the content that she’s made with love and genuine passion, which made it easy for her to bring it all in.

Would you believe it if we said that the idea behind her most viral video came along when she had a creative block in her mind? Well, that’s true! Telling us more about it, she says, “I was having a creative block for quite some time. I was listening to Tere Hawale on my terrace while taking a walk, and suddenly this idea came to my mind. I went home and started writing a song with Arijit Singh’s titles to the tune of Tere Hawale. In about 20 minutes, it was ready. I immediately recorded the vocals and then the video at 1 a.m. and posted them the next day. While I was making it, I was truly proud of it, but I hadn’t anticipated so much love. I haven’t been able to fully process it even now, but I’m so glad it turned out better than I had imagined, and I read an article about it that said that it’s the only video on the internet right now without a single hate comment, and I was moved to tears when I read that.”

Apart from this, her accent videos have a whole different vibe altogether. She manages to smoothly switch between accents, from Baby Anna to Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston)and Shakira. Learning a new language is not easy. So, how does she manage to get the accents right? “I was always inclined towards the Western way of things—English or Hollywood films, their songs, and their way of speaking too. I would sing Western music. I wanted to sound exactly like the Western artists, and so I listened and listened and picked up on the accents. And to my good fortune, my parents are extremely fond of travelling, so I travelled and authenticated my accents during the journeys. For me, the true discovery was listening with a huge interest. It’s an ongoing process, listening and perfecting the modulations and the stress on words, but I love it too much!”

Trolls have become part and parcel of our social media lives. However, for influencers and celebrities, they can sometimes be quite difficult to handle. While on the one hand, Sai has received so much love from the netizens, there might also be instances when she’s come across negativity and hatred. To this, she says, “There’s always this one stranger on the internet who isn’t ready to receive the videos with the same love with which they were made, and the great thing in our control is to actually pray for their mental health and delete the comments. Fortunately, I’ve not had this happen to me except for like 4-5 comments, and I’m very grateful that my audiences receive my videos so well and exchange positive energies with me, and I wish this for the internet as a whole.”

Sai has been trained in Hindustani classical music by esteemed gurus for the past eight years, and she feels grateful for their discipline and love that she found her passion and got an opportunity to better her craft.

She’s always had a dream to become a playback singer and would surely try her luck in Bollywood. “I would love to become a lead actor who actually sings their own songs; it makes the illusion even more real. I love every genre and every language. I’m open to singing in every way that comes to me because music has no boundaries or barriers, so why should artists? And the golden age of Hindi music motivates me like no other. Lata didi, Asha tai, Kishore da, and Rafi sahab are icons, and God blessed us through them, so their music and magic have always been the motivation,” shares the budding artist who adores Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam, and Arijit Singh, to name a few, who have changed the face of the industry in such a positive way, and she’s here for it!

Going ahead during the chat, she shares, “As a child, my dream job was to own an amusement park and a chocolate factory, obviously. Just kidding, honestly, the dream job was always being an all-round artist, and I’m so grateful I get to work towards it every day.”

Well, get ready to see her make her debut on big screens super soon, as she hints at us ending the chat on a brighter note.

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