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BNI Hyd launches first Telugu Chapter to break language barriers

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In order to break language barriers to do business, Business Networking International (BNI) Hyderabad region launched BNI Akshara, a Telugu chapter and held its first meeting with 128 visitors at SVM Grand Hotel, Nagole on Wednesday. The chapter has 46 entrepreneurs from different business categories as members where they introduced their businesses and services and exchanged 80 business referrals among themselves.
The programme enables the members to communicate and conduct their business conversation and transactions conveniently in Telugu language. This is the first Telugu chapter organised by BNI Hyderabad.
It witnessed five new members being inducted into the chapter, who were administered the oath on BNI code of ethics by Sanjana Shah, Executive Director, BNI Hyderabad region. Two of the new members, Venugopal Rao Peechara and Nagendra Kumar inducted over six members each to the chapter and were presented the Gold pin.
Sanjana Shah said, “Often entrepreneurs are more comfortable conversing and transacting their business in their mother tongue, Telugu. They shy away from joining BNI due to their not so good English communication skills, as BNI meetings are conducted in English. They are apprehensive of not striking a chord with other members due to this communication gap, which they believe could impact their ability to leverage the platform effectively and generate business.
BNI believes language can’t be a barrier to do business. However, to make such members comfortable and be a part of BNI, the first Telugu Chapter, BNI Akshara was launched. We will be launching more Telugu chapters in the days to come to provide the benefit of this platform to Telugu-speaking entrepreneurs.”
The meeting was attended by Executive Director, BNI Hyderabad region Sanjana Shah; Area Director Satish Kumar; Asst. Area Director Radha Krishna; Sr Launch Director Kawaljeet Singh; Launch Director Dr Veeramaneni Venugopal Rao; Sr. Director consultant Rambabu; Support Ambassador Vidhyadhar Reddy; Sr. Director consultant Sreenivasulu KM; Director consultant Aruna Vakulabha ranam, among others.

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