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Bollywood actress Nitu Chandra Srivastava represents India in Dubai for International Women’s Day

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Global star and national award winning producer Actress Nitu Chandra Srivastava made her debut in Hollywood through “Never Back Down: Revolt” and has created her mark in Bollywood with films such as “Garam Masala,” “Traffic Signal,” “One Two Three,” “Oye Lucky Lucky Oye,” “Apartment” among others now represents India as a guest of honor in Indian Consulate, Dubai for International women’s day celebration held at March 3rd.

Sharing her joy of representing Indian women on global platform she says,”I am proud and immensely grateful to represent the Indian women in Dubai and globally. It is a great feeling because I have met so many women entrepreneurs from Dubai who are excelling really well and are the epitome of grace, class quality, intelligence and education.

I always look to learn and empower myself from them. It is a great feeling because the culture, tradition and history that we Indians come from where women are regarded as goddesses of their houses. I see those strengths and resilience within myself as well as all Indian women in the world who have made such a significant impact on global society through their own unique qualities.”

Speaking at the event she stated,”I am looking forward to meeting a number of women from different walks of life who are involved in changing society. It is said that if you want the change, be the change. I’m waiting to meet women who can empower another 10 women and we can have united society. I think it’s passé when people say that women cannot work together, but women can be really productive and creative together. So together we can make a lot of difference in the society. I think this event will really make feel the presence of each other and an international integration is what I look at.”

Describing about what women’s day means to her she tells,”Women are the reflection of strength and power. With their presence, the whole society grows together. They amplify their thoughts and love amongst everyone. A one special day to acknowledge these strength which is felt all 365 days is essential. I would like to take this opportunity and appreciate every women in my life because of whom I’m here today. The credit goes to my mother for where I’m today. This day for me is my mother’s day.”

Speaking about the responsibility of being an embassador for representing women on a global platform she adds,”As a woman from India, I carry with me the weight of responsibility to represent not only myself but also the countless women in India who have overcome numerous challenges to achieve success and prosperity. I feel a deep sense of responsibility as a guest of honor representing women on a global level.

I am committed to promoting education, entrepreneurship, gender equality, and the elimination of gender-based violence. I will make efforts to empower women in India and to create a brighter future for the next generation of Indian women and globally as well.”

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