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Budweiser, has now collaborated with four of the country’s most loved trailblazers for the latest leg of the FIFA 2022 campaign. Siddhant Chaturvedi, Masaba Gupta, Santanu Hazarika and KissNuka come together to celebrate the shared passion and spirit of Budweiser and football with a war cry that unites people across borders– “The World Is Yours To Take”. Sharing their journey to the top like never before, the celebrities dive into the trials and tribulations they faced, the triumphs they rejoiced, and the immense anticipation experienced before any big moment – just like a football player does as he makes his way from the tunnel to the field.

This comes after the brand’s recent collaboration with the football luminaries – Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr. and Raheem Sterling, for unveiling their FIFA World Cup campaign’s hero film capturing the stories of these modern-day legends and inspiring millions across the globe. The #YoursToTake hero film, which encourages people to go for greatness by tackling curveballs and overcoming fears, was followed by the launch of the first-ever official FIFA 2022 anthem that featured Grammy-winning rapper Lil’ Baby.

Echoing the sentiment of “The World Is Yours To Take” this phase of the campaign highlights the unique, distinct journey of each of the four artists, but one thing unites them all- conquering their aspirations despite the lows of stardom. Budweiser has collaborated with these change makers and culture shapers to inspire its consumers to take a leap of faith and pursue their passion relentlessly to realize their dreams.

Commenting on the campaign, Siddhant Chaturvedi said, “Having collaborated with the brand in the past, I have always admired Budweiser’s role as a catalyst in bringing new talent to the fore and providing a global platform for local talent. With #TheWorldIsYoursToTake, the brand has given me the opportunity to celebrate and share my journey with my tribe, my fans and I hope this encourages them to have a “never-say-die” attitude when it comes to their passion, their calling.”

Speaking on the collaboration, Masaba Gupta commented, “The world is quick to put us into boxes, dictate what we can and cannot do and most often, limit us from doing all the things we are passionate about and excel at. In all I do, I constantly try to push the envelope and express my truest, most authentic self- unconfined by society’s and the world’s expectations. I am delighted to collaborate with Budweiser for the #TheWorldIsYoursToTake campaign, giving me and countless others the motivation to chase our passions- as many as there may be”

The four ambassadors were also given the opportunity to watch the game live in Doha and cheer for their favourite teams. Check out Budweiser India’s social media handles to see what the ambassadors were up to in Doha!

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