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BRS, BJP want Jagan to win

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The BRS and the BJP are bitter enemies politically. But on one issue both are on the same boat.

In Telangana, the BRS and the BJP are trying to defeat each other in Assembly elections. But both the BRS and the BJP want to defeat TDP supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu and want Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to retain power in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections. Both the BRS and the BJP are taking decisions to ensure this, which will help Jagan in the next AP Assembly elections.

If the TDP, the Jana Sena and the BJP come together in Andhra Pradesh the combo may or may not win but it will become a significant force and will certainly frighten the ruling YSR Congress.

This may help the BJP in Telangana also as it wants to defeat the BRS in the Telangana Assembly elections. Since a long time, Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan has been urging opposition parties to fight jointly against the YSR Congress in Assembly elections so that anti-government votes do not get split. But the BJP has taken a strong stand not to join hands with Chandrababu and is also prepared to go it alone in both the Telugu states during Assembly elections.

The BJP wants the opposition not to gain strength against Jagan in AP. The BJP’s policy is to choose a reliable political friend in states where it has no chance of coming to power and it will support them directly or indirectly. By not joining the TDP, Jana Sena alliance the BJP wants to help Jagan indirectly.

BRS president Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao also wants to prevent Chandrababu from coming to power and would like to see Jagan retaining power in Andhra Pradesh.

The Kapu community which is a major force in AP politics want to support Pawan Kalyan during Assembly elections. The Kapus want to see someone from their community become the Chief Minister. Now the Kapus have a lot of hope about Pawan becoming the Chief Minister.

If the TDP and the Jana Sena join hands some sections of the Kapu community which are angry with Chandrababu are likely to distance themselves from Pawan Kalyan.

BRS President KCR also wants to damage the hopes of the Jana Sena, TDP combo and is shocking Pawan by admitting his party leaders into the BRS. At present, the president of the AP BRS, Thota Chandrasekhar, is the right hand man of Pawan. Thota Chandrasekhar and Pawan belong to the same community.

KCR made Thota Chandrasekhar his party’s AP unit president to drive a wedge among Kapu leaders. This KCR strategy will also help Jagan during Assembly elections.

KCR wants to prevent those who oppose him from becoming the AP Chief Minister. The BJP has no good opinion about Chandrababu due to his stands during the last Lok Sabha elections and his opportunistic politics. The BJP wants a reliable political friend and it sees this quality in Jagan.

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