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BRS & Congress are allies in Karimnagar: Sanjay

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BJP will win 370 seats nationally, 17 in Telangana: Sanjay

The BJP candidate in the Karimnagar Lok Sabha constituency, Bandi Sanjay Kumar, said that he is confident of winning a second time as he sees a strong Modi wave all over India. In an interview with ‘The Pioneer’ in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, Sanjay speaks about his campaign, development projects in Karimnagar and the BJP’s prospects.
Who is your main opponent?
The Congress is our main opponent. The BRS’s story is done and dusted. It’s Khel Khatam Dukaan bandh. The Congress hasn’t declared its candidate so far. The BRS candidate Vinod is contesting just to be in the race. I will get a bigger majority than last time. The people of Karimnagar are with Narendra Modi especially because of the development projects executed there in the last 10 years.
You are being criticised for asking votes in the name of Lord Ram?
I am a devotee of Lord Ram and I am asking all Lord Ram’s devotees to vote for me. I will ask people to vote for a Ram bhakt. Can the Congress and the BRS seek votes in the name of Babur? Ram Mandir is a long-cherished dream of Hindus that has been fulfilled. I demand that the BRS and the Congress should tell us that in case they come to power will they guarantee that the Ayodhya Ram Mandir will be protected. Vinod Kumar is an atheist and so is KCR’s son. The Congress believes in Babur. That is why they didn’t even give a holiday on Ram Mandir consecration day, let alone visit the temple. They don’t believe in Lord Ram. Let them approach the ECI if they think that my campaign is illegal.
Congress Minister Ponnam Prabhakar accused you of insulting his mother. What do you say?
I haven’t done that. He is trying to spin a narrative. The people of Karimnagar are well aware of his politics and how he uses his mother to make political gains. They won’t believe Ponnam Prabhakar’s words. Both the BRS and the Congress are targeting the BJP. They never target each other. They won’t criticise each other. They will attack only the BJP and Sanjay. Both the BRS and the Congress have always blocked development.
Ponnam Prabhakar says BRS MLA Gangula Kamalakar and you are friends.
During the Assembly elections didn’t Ponnam Prabhakar run away to Husnabad without contesting from Karimnagar. He didn’t contest so that Gangula Kamalakar of the BRS could win. They are close friends. Instead of fabricating conspiracy theories, Ponnam Prabhakar should answer why he left Karimnagar and what is his relationship with Husnabad. It is the Congress which compromised with the BRS. Why hasn’t Congress declared its candidate yet? Both the BRS and the Congress are hand in glove in Karimnagar.
Vinod Kumar claims that all development projects were launched by the BRS?
The development projects which he claims to have launched have come to a standstill and they never progressed as the BRS government didn’t release funds. The Warangal–Karimnagar and the Siddipet–Elkathurthy roads were laid during my stint as MP. RoBs costing Rs 154 crore were taken up. For Smart City funds costing Rs 196 crore, the TG government should have given a matching grant of Rs 110 crore. They didn’t give it for three years. The Centre sent three letters to the state government but they didn’t. They not only refused funds but they diverted Smart City funds given by the Centre. When I raised this in standing committee meetings things started moving. I have published a booklet mentioning everything we did. Projects worth around Rs 12,000 crore were executed in Karimnagar alone.
Your presence in Parliament has come into question.
What was KCR’s attendance in the Lok Sabha from 2009 to 2014 when he was an MP? His attendance was 13%. My attendance was 74% and Vinod’s was 77%. Even during the remaining time, I took permission from my leadership and worked for the party. Since they are not able to find anything against me, they are trying to create a fake narrative. If it is about being the voice of Telangana, I am a go-getter. I got more funds for my constituency. Can both Ponnam Prabhakar and Vinod Kumar reveal what they did for their constituencies? They are unable to do so.
Instead of being an MP, KTR suggested that you must construct a mutt if you want to work for Dharma. What is your reaction?
As an MP, the development projects taken up by me are visible to my constituents. Three years ago, there were potholes measuring 1.5 metres on the Warangal–Karimnagar highway, but today the road is smooth. I work for Dharma and the people. I want to tell KCR’s son that I developed the Sri Mahashakthi Temple in Karimnagar for which even BRS leaders came. Instead of giving me advice, he should answer why the BRS government didn’t cooperate when Vemulawada was to be included in the PRASAD scheme of the Centre. KCR announced hundreds of crores for Vemulawada, Kondagattu and Dharmapuri Temples, but no money was actually released. Instead, they tried to divert money from Vemulawada to Kamareddy during the elections.
Who will win elections at the national level?
The BJP will get 370 seats on its own and along with NDA partners, we will win 400 seats. It’s Abki baar 400 paar. This is the election to decide the PM. Our PM candidate is Narendra Modi. Who is the Congress’s PM? They haven’t declared yet if it is Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi. The Congress doesn’t trust even its own leaders. Why should people vote for the Congress in such a situation? In Telangana, the BJP will win all the 17 LS seats. Madhavi Latha will defeat Asaduddin Owaisi in Hyderabad.

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