Tuesday, December 5, 2023

BRS focusing on seats where party seems weak

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Big wigs hold back-to-back meetings


The BRS is focused on strengthening its position in weak Assembly constituencies like Khammam, Nalgonda, Rangareddy, Nizamabad and Hyderabad.

Surveys conducted by the BRS have shown that the party is weak in these constituencies.

Ministers Harish Rao and KT Rama Rao are taking up day-long tours in districts.

Khammam district is a challenge for the BRS as its senior leaders defected to the Congress.

The BRS is trying to handle the situation and neutralise anti-incumbency with public meetings and inductions.

In Nizamabad, Kavitha has been conducting padayatras, however, KCR the fact that is contesting from Kamareddy is being seen as a boost for the BRS in this seat.

On Friday, Health Minister Harish Rao was in the erstwhile Nalgonda district covering Suryapet, Nalgonda districts and the constituencies of Thungathury and Nakirekal.

He campaigned in Mulugu, Narasmpet, Tandur, Narayankhed and Khammam in September.

Likewise, on Friday, Industries Minister KTR was in Wanaparthy district campaigning in both Assembly as well as Lok Sabha seats.

KTR’s visit comes a couple of days before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit.

KTR himself said on Friday that he would be visiting Khammam this week followed by Warangal.Harish will be visiting Warangal, Kalwakurthy, Makthal and Devarkonda which will cover the erstwhile Nalgonda and Mahbubnagar districts.

Even in the city and Rangareddy districts, where there are chances of the BJP or the Congress winning, Harish and KTR are conducting back-to-back meetings. Harish and KTR are participating in the distribution of 2BHK houses.

Apart from KTR and Harish Rao, the other ministers are mostly confined to their own constituencies or districts. Minister Satyavathi Rathod campaigned in Nalgonda, Mahbubabad and Mulug. KTR and Harish are visiting their constituencies Siricilla and Siddipet once a week.

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