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BRS leaders ‘chalo AP’ to witness cockfights?

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BRS leaders are likely to launch a ‘chalo Andhra’ programme. But they are not going for party programmes in Andhra Pradesh but to witness Sankranti celebrations and ‘cockfights.’

Both Telugu states are gradually getting into the Sankranti mood. Every year during the Sankranti lakhs of people from Hyderabad go to their hometowns in Andhra Pradesh.

During Sankranti, Andhra Pradesh is famous for hosting cockfights. Krishna, Guntur and the twin Godavari districts are famous for this.

Every year many political leaders from Telangana attend these cockfights. The friends of Telangana political leaders in Andhra Pradesh make arrangements for them. Many Telangana politicians have friends and relatives in Andhra Pradesh.

Cockfights also lead to betting running into crores of Rupees. Cockfight fever is confined not only to Andhra Pradesh but it exists in Telangana too. All these years TRS leaders and ministers used to attend cockfights as “guests,” but this time they are going to attend as leaders of the national party BRS. The BRS leadership has already appointed a president for its AP unit.

While political leaders attend cockfights to witness the event thousands of people take part in gambling on this occasion.

The BRS leadership is now focused on expanding the party in Andhra Pradesh. BRS leaders who are going to witness cockfights may utilise the opportunity to check the public pulse regarding their party. At the same time, they may try to attract some leaders of other parties towards their party.

Sources said that many BRS leaders have made arrangements in Andhra Pradesh to go there during Sankranti. In the years just after bifurcation, BRS leaders used to face anger from AP people when they attended cockfights. Now there is no such problem and can attend cockfights without any problem.

Moreover, the BRS has launched its unit in Andhra Pradesh. Sankranti may become useful to BRS leaders to attend cockfights and expand the party’s footprint in Andhra Pradesh by attracting some politicians and also find out the public mood in AP towards their party.

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