Thursday, November 30, 2023

BRS manifesto to be progress-centric

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At a time when parties are fighting to see who offers more freebies, the BRS is thinking of making development a part of its manifesto.The Congress has so far released six guarantees which are mostly freebies. The BRS government already gives a large number of freebies through its welfare schemes.

When asked whether the manifesto will be welfare or development-oriented, BRS sources said that the manifesto will be development-centric.Sources said that already Telangana is giving the highest Rythu Bandhu sop in the country. “Just because the opposition party has given a number, doesn’t mean we will increase it. We will weigh its merits and demerits. It will cover all sections of society and there will be something for everyone,” sources said.

Development with a focus on Hyderabad is likely to find a place in the manifesto.Hyderabad Metro, and another one lakh 2BHK houses in the city are anticipated.The BRS is organizing a huge public meeting in Warangal on October 16 where KCR will release the BRS manifesto. Top leaders expressed uncertainty if there would be free fertilisers or pensions for farmers.

On Saturday, Minister Harish Rao said, “The BRS manifesto will be released this month. KCR is thinking about whether to increase Rythu Bandhu and Aasara pensions. What else can be done in Kalyana Lakshmi scheme? Opposition parties’ minds will get blocked after seeing our manifesto.”

He had said earlier that through the BRS manifesto, we would hear good news for women.
IT Minister KT Rama Rao said on Friday said that Aasara pensions will be increased soon. KCR also kept indicating it.

Meanwhile, it may be mentioned here that BRS leadership has always opposed the statement of Prime Minister Modi warning people against the ‘free revdi (sweets) culture’ under which votes are collected by promising freebies and said this could be ‘very dangerous’ for the country’s development.

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