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BRS must compromise on many issues before entering AP

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Before entering Andhra Pradesh politics the BRS leadership has to address many issues.
There are some controversial issues pertaining to Andhra Pradesh and some disputes between the two Telugu states. When the BRS was TRS the leadership looked only at the interests of Telangana but now as a national party, it has to look at the interests of both Telugu states.The BRS leadership has to spell out its stand on controversial issues and it has to compromise on some disputes between the two states.

In AP there is a controversy on the three capitals issue. While the ruling YSR Congress’s stand is to set up three capitals to decentralise administration the main opposition TDP and other opposition parties including the BJP are opposing three capitals and want to develop Amaravati as the sole capital.

In this issue, the BRS has to reveal whether it will support Amaravati as the capital or set up three capitals.

The Telangana government is demanding to reduce the height of the Polavaram project in the interests of Telangana. But the AP government is opposing this demand. If the BRS leadership continues its same stand it will face resistance from the people of Andhra Pradesh.If BRS leadership compromises on this issue it will lose support in Telangana and it will become a weapon in hands of the opposition in Telangana.

Another controversial issue is the merging of five villages of Bhadrachalam area in AP. In 2014, after the BJP came to power at the Centre it took a decision to merge five villages in the Bhadrachalam area as per the request of the AP government. But the Telangana government is opposed to this and is demanding to hand over the villages to Telangana.

Now the BRS will have to continue the same stand on these villages or compromise for expanding the party in AP.

There is a dispute between the two Telugu states over the division of assets as per the AP Reorganisation act.According to the Act the assets of institutions mentioned in the 9th and 10th schedules should be divided between the two Telugu states. But the Telangana government is opposing this and is saying that AP has no right on these institutions.

There are disputes between the two Telugu states over river water sharing and also on irrigation projects.There are disputes between the two Telugu states over power. There is no need for the AP government or the ruling YSR Congress to change its stand on these issues.

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