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BRS surveys predict more majority than second term

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BRS surveys are predicting a bigger majority for the party than it had in the second term.

With surveys giving positive indications and the auspicious month of Sravanam commencing, the party is likely to announce its list for 87 to 90 seats in a day or two. BRS sources said that compared to previous surveys, the last survey indicated huge gains for the BRS.

Highly placed sources in the party said that the survey results have changed significantly and that the majority might exceed the one it had in the second term.

In 2018, the BRS won 88 seats which was more than 70% of the 119 seats.

Sources said that previous surveys didn’t indicate such an outcome.

The slew of announcements by the BRS government and Revanth’s comments of three hours of current supply for agriculture seems to have helped the BRS.

Sources said that in the last couple of months, most ticket hopefuls who were facing anti-incumbency were on the ground changing their courses.

The series of announcements like crop loan waiver, Rythu Bandhu money, Gruha Lakshmi, BC Bandhu and Minority Bandhu have worked in the party’s favour.

However, the sources added that the last few months will be dynamic and the majority can keep fluctuating.

In fact, on Wednesday, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao said that he was confident that he will win more than 90 seats in the Assembly elections and six seats in Khammam district alone. On Wednesday, he met BRS leaders of Khammam district at the Pragathi Bhavan.

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