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BRS will be in power for 20 years: Jagadish

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State Power Minister Guntakandla Jagadish Reddy made it clear that SCCL will not be allowed to be privatised as the BRS will be in power for another 20 years.

During the question and answer session in the Assembly on Saturday, he said that Chief Minister KCR is the one who stopped the privatization of the coal industry in India. He said that steps were taken in 2005 to commercialize SCCL and recalled that the Congress was in power at the Centre and in the state at that time.

He said that Coal India regulations were framed from there and that no one has the right to auction SCCL coal. He said that these laws are only about existing deposits.He said that in 2015, the Centre had made a law for the open auction of open-cast mines. Noting this, Chief Minister KCR wrote a letter to the Prime Minister in July 2021 and reminded Minister Jagdish Reddy that the PM should intervene in this.

He said that it is not possible to regularise those working in private companies in the Singareni area.

He said that SCCL is the only company in India that is run by giving a share in profits to employees.

He said that if the Congress planted the seed in 2005 to privatize such an organisation, then in 2015, the Modi government brought laws to continue it. As long as Chief Minister KCR is there, he will not let SCCL be privatised, he added.

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