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BRS will score hat trick in next elections: Harish

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It is time for all of us to put our heart and soul into the campaign to ensure that Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) scores a hat trick,” Minister for Finance T Harish Rao told the party activists on Friday. “The pink party would serve the people in the State. It would never bow and scrape before the leaders in Delhi,” he asserted.

Speaking at Atmeetya Sammelanam at Gajwel in the district, the Minister asserted that the BRS would retain power for the third consecutive term. He exhorted the party activists that it was time for all of them to work for the party with a great deal of enthusiasm and energy.

The Telangana government under the leadership of Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao ensured that the State made rapid progress towards development. “In fact, what the BRS achieved in just six years in the new State of Telangana surpassed the development accomplished in 60 years in the combined State of Andhra Pradesh,” he pointed out. The development witnessed in Gajwel was for everyone to see, he said. He asked the party activities to swear and say that they would put their shoulders to the wheel.

He recalled that the reporters from neighbouring States used to cover the suicides committed by farmers and handloom workers before the statehood for Telangana was granted. Now, the situation has dramatically changed in just six years. During the festivals, the devotees were in a dilemma not knowing in which tank the Ganesh idols were to be immersed. Now, the tanks and wells were brimming with water even during summer. The Chief Minister granted funds and ensured that the ring road was laid, and parks and railway station were established.

Before KCR became Chief Minister, just 7,000 was under cultivation in Gajwel, now the area under cultivation increased to 17,000, he said. “As far as I know, only NTR and KCR ensure that the ruling party retained power for the second consecutive term,” he said and added that the Centre was adopting the Telangana schemes.

KCR has embarked on a mission to bring about a change in the country. “Our slogan is farmers’ welfare,” he observed.

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