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Celeb Talk :‘I don’t pick a script just to tick some boxes’

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Actress Sayani Gupta has become widely known since she made her appearance as Damini Rizvi Roy, a journalist who knows no fear. Today, she is on top of her game, and now the actress is headed towards only being worried about her “choice” and not what others want from her. In an exclusive conversation with The Pioneer’s Shikha Duggal, Sayani spoke about her upcoming film, choosing roles, acting, and more.

A thoughtful humanitarian with a well-developed sense of what’s fair is the Four More Shots Please famed Sayani Gupta. When in an exclusive conversation with the actress we learnt that Sayani is just as ready as any other growing actress to be an all-rounder with the roles she’s picking.

Drawing a conception for us, Sayani, who impressed the audience with the latest edition of Four More Shots Please, informed us, “I don’t weigh my roles as per the effects they may cause; neither are they result-oriented. I am in it; to win it is my formula! My director needs to be clear enough about what they want to show the world. The hard work of the crew also matters a lot to me. Even the directors’ willingness to market the film as sensational is also a point to be noted.

That’s a perspective, too. I am not a person who picks a script just to tick some boxes, nah!”You pick and choose your battles, but you don’t shy away from speaking your mind about injustice, so that is something she has lived by all her life; that’s Sayani’s personality for you.

Moving on, when we made her recall what her co-actor Prateik Babbar had to say about their chemistry, she laughed and went on to say: “I can’t believe I have been working with him constantly since 2018 — we saw each other getting more mature. We knew what was happening in each other’s respective lives! I am extremely fond of him; he’s a gentleman. Despite coming from such a big film family, he’s as simple as us. The space we share now is very sacred.”

Furthermore, taking us through her journey from doing the most startling OTT show to a film with Prateik now, she revealed, “It’s completely different from what you saw on the web. We are high on humour now, in literal comical aspects.

Our challenge was to move from intense chemistry to a funny one now. In fact, I am the one who suggested Prateik to my upcoming film’s director. So what happened was, we were shooting a sequence in the famous truck bar, and there I see a hot shot named Prateik having his bartending gigs. That struck me; he can be a good fit for our film.”

Meanwhile, Sayani’s recent trip to Italy was a blast too, but she didn’t realise that Italy consumed her so much that she extended her trip to the Italian countryside for another month at her own expense. She described it by saying: “This is my first time in Italy, and there was womanhood in the air of Italy.

We felt both glorious and glamorous. Although there have been times when we had nine changes in a day. And not just clothes but hair and make-up as well. It might look glamorous, but being well-dressed all the time is not easy. We might give an amazing shot, but if one strand of hair is out of place, then we have to retake the shot.”

Sayani was actually one of those overly enthusiastic people who didn’t know how to swim yet jumped into a frozen lake just because Bani and Maanvi decided to do the same. Once she kind of settled in, her skin was numb because it was freezing cold. So then she shot for some time without fearing anything. These were her most fresh memories from Italy, and now the actress is headed towards only being worried about her “choice” and not what others want from her.

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