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Centre to release wheat & rice in open market through new scheme

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PNS | Vijayawada

Food Corporation of India AP general manager Chandrasekhar Joshi stated that the Government of India has decided to release wheat and rice in the open market through Open Market Sale Scheme (OMSS) (Domestic) in order to stabilise the retail prices of atta and rice throughout the country.

He said that for the Food Corporation of India, Regional Office, Amaravati is offering a quantity of 1000 metric tonnes of wheat and 7000 metric tonnes of rice under OMSS (D) through e-auction to be held on August 9.

FCI general manager said that as on date 706214 MTs of Rice and 9675 MTs of wheat is available with FCI and in addition to the above, a quantity of 840000 MTs of Rice available with the State Government under Central Pool in the state of Andhra Pradesh. He further explained that in order to participate in E-auction the EMD amount has to be credited through electronic mode in the favour of GM, FCI, Regional Office, Amaravati before 6 PM of preceding Monday (August 7). He mentioned that now onwards, against one PAN, a buyer can bid only 100 metric tonnes of Wheat throughout the country provided the buyer has valid GST registration in that particular state and valid FSSAI licence as on the date of publishing the tender.

He said that interested flour millers/atta chakki processors and manufacturers of wheat products may contact M-Junction at for further registration and participation in E-auction. He added that the Wheat lifted by the successful bidders in e-auction from FCI has to be processed into wheat products and released to the market for sales within thirty(30) days from the last date of lifting.

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