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Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao: I won’t do big-budget movies with big heroes

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Yesterday, we had veteran actress Jayasudha’s son Nihar Kapoor discuss many aspects of his character in the upcoming pan-India film Record Break, and we caught hold of the director, Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao, today ahead of the film’s release on March 8, where he shared that he wants to release the film in some theaters only, just like Bichhagadu, and increase theaters after the success of the film.
The lead actor has put on a lot of weight to play his part in this film, which has been in the works for more than two years. He responded, “In the past, the remuneration of heroes and heroines was less,” when asked why he had spent so much on this movie. “Fewer directors and producers are working today. However, things are not the same now. People will apparently make any movie successful if there is content, judging by the success of Bicchagadu. We spent a lot of money and trust making this movie because we wanted it to be emotionally impactful.”
He also mentioned that this film was made without any compromise.
In the interview, he quipped that he won’t do films with big heroes and that he is healthy physically because he doesn’t do big-budget films with big heroes.
When asked what motivated him to release this film in eight different languages, he replied, “Somewhere in Tenali, I was a trader of small sticks. My industry standing was established by Sini Kalamatalli. I have wonderful buddies. I am in this position because I grew up in this profession and because I support them. I enjoy watching films at night and in my dreams.”
Finally, he mentioned his favourite scene from the film, which goes like this: “The child in the movie Bichhagadu struggles for the mother. However, we developed the idea of what a mother does for her children in this film. Everyone is going to be impressed by the climax. The mother works hard and earns 10 lakhs to send them to China for wrestling. Similar to this, a mother sells her blood and brings laddus to China when they are ready to travel there since they prefer it. Everyone’s heart is touched by those scenes.” – KRS
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