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Christian Bale was worried about being typecast after playing Batman

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Hollywood star Christian Bale thought he’d never work again after portraying Batman.
Warned that he’d run the risk of being typecast and damaging his career when he accepted the role of the Caped Crusader in Batman Begins, the Pale Blue Eye star actor admitted he was tempted by the prospect, reports

“I’ve had no strategy for anything I’ve ever done. I was quite taken with the idea of Batman being the last thing I ever did, the thing I’m remembered for,” said Bale – who played Batman in a further two films.

“I was also tempted by the fact that people said I might be typecast and not work again. But I’ve kept on working.”When it comes to starting a new job, Bale, whose first film, Empire of the Sun, was made when he was just 13, approaches it like he’s never worked before. He explained to Radio Times magazine: “I like approaching every film as though it’s the first film I’ve ever made and it’s the last film I’m ever going to make, so not going in with any arrogance.”

And despite his years of success, the 47-year-old star insisted he still doesn’t know what he’s doing on set so would never offer advice to his co-stars.Discussing working with Harry Mellingon Pale Blue Eye, he said, “Harry knows what he’s doing, I can’t teach him anything.”

“What kind of an [expletive] would I be if I said, ‘Harry, let me sit you down for a second and teach you a thing or two about acting?’ I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know why I keep getting cast in things.”

Bale also doesn’t worry about what his career legacy will be.He added: “I’ve heard someone say, ‘If you want to remembered, shoot a president’ but if you want to have a legacy, you’ve got to do something good.’ It’s the last thing on my mind.”

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