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City Civil Court dismisses case filed against release Of Malli Pelli

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Ramya Raghupati, the estranged wife of the senior artiste Dr. VK Naresh filed an injunction suit in the city civil court, Bangalore, seeking a stay of the release of the movie, Malli Pelli in Telugu and Matte Maduve in Kannada, in theatres, OTT platforms and satellites.

The court on hearing the arguments of both sides, pronounced the judgment on 1 August 2023, dismissing the case filed by Mrs Raghupati, as devoid of merits.

The court held that the grounds on which Mrs. Raghupati filed the case against the release of the films were untenable and not sustainable legally. The court concluded that the content of the said movie is entirely fictional as certified by the Board of film certification, Government of India. Court said that once the censor board certifies the film to be a fictional one, there is no ground for a private person to stop the release of the movie.

Consequent upon the judgment the producers of the said movie are free to air the same through all OTT Platforms as well as satellites since the movie has been successfully released in theatres in Telugu as well as Kannada languages.

In another case, the court accepted the injunction suit filed by actor Naresh and his family members, prohibiting Ramya Raghupathi from entering the house in Nanakranguda.

It is known that Mrs. Ramya Raghupati filed a domestic violence case and other cases against Naresh and Pavitra. After this, Naresh and his family members filed a house ban case against Ramya Raghupati.

After the court examined the case thoroughly, Ramya was issued an order, imposing a ban to enter Naresh’s house.

As per the evidence produced by Naresh and his family, Ramya Raghupati is not residing there and she is using the property for business purposes. The court also stated that anonymous people coming for Ramya are causing disturbance and anxiety to Naresh and the senior citizens there.

We all know that recently a Kannada channel Power TV conducted illegal sting operations on Naresh’s house and Pavitra.

The Court also concluded that Naresh and Ramya Raghupatti are not staying together for 6 years.

The verdict given by the court paves the way for the divorce of Naresh and Ramya. As per Supreme Court provision, a marriage is nullified if couples are not staying together for 2 or more years.

There is also a cybercrime case pending on Ramya Raghupati in the cyber court and cyber cell of the police for some cyber malware and cyber-attacks on Naresh.

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