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City suburbs in grip IPL cricket betting epidemic

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In the suburbs of Hyderabad city in Rangareddy district, a disturbing trend has emerged alongside the excitement of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Betting, once confined to urban areas, has spread to villages. A sizable section of youth got sucked into the evil of betting.
Reports from Ibrahimpa tnam, a constituency on the outskirts of Hyderabad, revealed the extent of the burgeoning betting culture. Villages like Manchala, Yacharam, and Abdullahpurmet mandals have become hotspots for both online and offline betting activities.
According to sources, lakhs of rupees are changing hands daily, as youngsters are placing their bets in pursuit of easy money. The prevalence of engineering, postgraduate, and pharmacy colleges in the area has made students prime targets for betting syndicates, leading to a flourishing industry.
Bookies are facilitating betting through both online and offline channels. Secretive groups are forming in villages, while some operations are held in farmhouses and hotels on the outskirts. Others conduct betting via phone calls within their circles or through WhatsApp and Telegram groups. Youngsters gather together in villages or place bets from the comfort of their homes, glued to their TV screens during matches.
The lure of easy money has led many astray with some resorting to borrowing excessively or pledging their properties to fuel their betting habits. Betting organisers often provide loans against blank promissory notes or accept valuable possessions like bikes and mobile phones as collateral, further deepening the financial woes of the participants.
Elders urged enforcement to crack down on these activities. Parents and community members urge authorities to take a swift action against those involved in exploiting the youth through illegal betting schemes.

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