Friday, December 1, 2023

CM KCR ‘beacon of hope’ for the poor

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A humane approach has been adopted in every scheme being implemented in Telangana State under the visionary leadership of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao.  A lot of hard work, coupled with brainstorming, has gone into the designing of the schemes that are meant for the welfare of all sections in society. A guiding force has been unleashed to support the poor and marginalised communities for their overall development.  A grand vision and determination for the uplift of people are visible in the state government’s efforts in Telangana. It is only KCR who came out with such great ideas to make Telangana people strong and lead a decent life.
Telangana warrior KCR fought for a separate state and fulfilled the aspirations of people. Today the state of Telangana has surpassed all other states in achieving its developmental goals and it is a testament to KCR’s commitment towards making Telangana a role model for the country.
Since Independence, no state government or chief minister of any other state has introduced as many welfare schemes and developmental programmes as in TS, thanks to KCR. It is only the BRS party that brought smiles on the faces of all sections of people. It is evident that every scheme has been implemented with a humane approach to benefit various sections of people.
The popular Aasara pension scheme illustrates KCR’s determination to address the plight of marginalised sections. This scheme is enough to explain how KCR has taken it upon himself elimination of poverty in TS as a social responsibility. The Aasara pension scheme rescues senior citizens and other destitute sections by providing monthly financial assistance. The scheme has brought cheers in their lives of people in the entire Telangana State.
KCR has enhanced the pension benefit substantially and spent more than 10 times the amount spent by combined AP on the social security scheme. The Telangana government has spent Rs 61,526 crore on pension scheme alone between 2014 and August 2023. No Chief Minister in the country has earmarked such huge funds for pension scheme in the country till date. The Telangana government earmarked Rs 11,774.90 crore for 2023-2024 financial year.
Under the Aasara pension scheme, the KCR government is providing Rs.2,016 per month to senior citizens.  Telangana is the only state providing Rs 3,016 to artists and Rs 4,016 to differently abled communities. The BRS’ manifesto already announced the enhancement of pension to Rs 4,000 for senior citizens and to Rs 5,016 to the differently abled.  No Chief Minister in the country is extending such huge financial benefit to the pensioners in the country.
The BRS government is providing Rs 2,116 as pension every month to senior citizens, single women, beedi workers, toddy tappers, AIDS victims, dialysis patients and poor weavers. The Congress and BJP, which have been criticizing the BRS party and KCR, are giving a paltry amounts as pension to beneficiaries in the states ruled by the respective parties. For instance, the Congress-led Chhattisgarh government is providing pension ranging from Rs 350 to Rs 650. The CPI(M)-led LDP alliance in Kerala is providing Rs 1,600 as pension. The Congress-led Karnataka government is giving only Rs 600 and Rs 1,200 and Tamil Nadu is providing not more than Rs 1,000 pension to the needy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state Gujarat is providing only Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200 as pension to various categories of beneficiaries. The Uttar Pradesh government, which always claimed ‘double-engine Sarkar’, is extending only Rs 1,000. Nagaland is giving Rs 200, Assam Rs 250 to Rs 550, Manipur Rs 200 to Rs 500, while Mizoram is providing Rs 300 as old age pension and Rs 400.59 to widows.
All the naysayers should answer why these states are not competing with Telangana in providing good amount of pension to the poor. The opposition parties are mudslinging on KCR, though other states are not providing adequate pension to the beneficiaries to meet their needs. The anti-KCR forces are conspiring to create a wrong impression on the pension schemes. People are well aware of KCR’s commitment to the welfare of poor. Truth always prevails. Senior citizens are fondly calling KCR as their ‘elder son’ for extending required monthly pension benefit.  Single women, differently abled, farmers and weavers are calling Chief Minister KCR as their ‘God’.
They are also hailing KCR as big brother for supporting them in difficult times. The pension beneficiaries are mincing no words to say that they are leading a dignified life with pride in the KCR regime. Pensioners are confident that KCR will assume CM office for the third consecutive time and they will extend him all kinds of support to win the election.
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