Wednesday, February 21, 2024

CM: ‘Praja palana’ is govt walking to people

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Chief Minister Anumula Revanth Reddy has said that in the past people had to approach walled enclosures for getting their problems resolved by government authorities.
Today, under the Congress regime, “the government is walking to the people in the name of Praja palana”.
Revanth Reddy said that denizens would have more confidence in themselves under such people’s governance. The Chief Minister pointed out that previously governance took place amid walled enclosures (Gadis). Now, the governmentwas going to people. “We are taking
up ‘Praja palana’ for the sake of people from Gadila rule to Gramala rule.”
Addressing media persons after releasing the Abhaya Hastham’s logo depicting 6 guarantees, poster, and application form at the Secretariat on Wednesday, the Chief
Minister asked if anyone had ever imagined that there would be a press conference inside the Secretariat. He then added that there would be a media center at the Secretariat.
Ministers and officials would be available there, he said .

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