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Collector focuses on wellbeing of students in schools, hostels

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Rs 11 crore announced to upgrade rooms, toilets, and dining halls in social welfare residential schools
PNS n Visakhapatnam

District Collector Dr A Mallikarjuna has emphasised the importance of creating a positive and enriching environment for students in government schools and hostels managed by the Social Welfare Department for students belonging to Backward Classes (BC). During a meeting at the collectorate, Dr. Mallikarjuna commended the progress made on ongoing development projects in schools and hostels across the district. He announced an Rs 11 crore investment to upgrade rooms, toilets, and dining halls in social welfare residential schools. A key focus of the plan is to ensure a clean and healthy environment for students. This includes installing water purifier plants to guarantee a consistent supply of safe drinking water and proper sanitation by mandating the installation of grease traps in toilets.
The meeting highlighted the “Visakha Vidya Vasati Vikasam” programme, a district-level initiative aimed at the holistic development of students residing in government schools and hostels. Dr. Mallikarjuna expressed his appreciation for the significant contributions made by donors through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes and pledged to secure further support for the initiative’s continued success.
The District Collector underscored the importance of fostering mental resilience and self-reliance in students. He advocated for inculcating discipline as a core value and proposed organising special workshops with psychologists to bolster student morale. Dr. Mallikarjuna outlined a vision for a supportive and enriching environment that prioritises student well-being. He suggested implementing a structured daily routine that incorporates exercise, yoga, and reading to promote overall health. He further emphasised the significance of providing nutritious meals and implementing measures to prevent the spread of seasonal diseases.
The meeting acknowledged the potential negative impacts of excessive phone use and social media influence on students. Dr. Mallikarjuna called for measures to mitigate these influences. The importance of ongoing collaboration between all stakeholders was emphasised. Dr. Mallikarjuna directed the convening of regular advisory board meetings to ensure coordinated efforts by all officials involved in delivering optimal services to the students. The meeting included representatives from the Social Welfare Department, including DD Rama Rao and BC Welfare Officer Sridevi, as well as DEO Chandrakala, college and school principals, teachers, hostel wardens, and other relevant officials.

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