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‘Comedy is in my roots; it’s how I started my career’

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Actor Ranvir Shorey, who recently established himself in web series, particularly with Vikas Bahl’s Sunflower and its latest season, speaks candidly with The Pioneer talks about the reception the series has received, comedy being his roots, and more.
Ranvir Shorey has made a substantial impact on cinema by appearing in both well-received films and critically praised productions. The actor has recently established himself in web series, particularly with Vikas Bahl’s Sunflower  2 streaming on Zee 5, in addition to movies. With the premiere of the latest season of the dark comedy, Ranvir spoke with us exclusively about the excellent reception that the web-series has received.
“The public saw a great rendition of a more flashy, evenly distracted version makes me glad,” begins the actor during our exclusive chat, and continues, “The development of the characters in seasons one and two is amazing. The director hasn’t given my character a predictable path, which was pretty interesting for me to continue to be a part of the sequel.”
From Khosla Ka Ghosla to Angrezi Medium, he has received recognition from both critics and viewers for his ability to move fluidly between various genres, such as drama, humour, and thrillers. Ranvir added, “Comedy is my root; it’s how I started my career. Returning to comedy parts is always like homecoming. Comedy requires an active person who can deliver the humour, and having a strong foil is also crucial. On whom shall I levitate the humour? If a scene succeeds, that’s when I consider my work to be successful. I don’t always have to be the main character.”
Speaking about the preparations, he remarks, “Being a pivotal character in the previous season, it was like putting on old shoes again. The distinction is that we “ran” a marathon in season two, went “walking” in season one, and, if season three arrives soon, we’ll be “dancing” (we laugh out loud).”
“I drew inspiration from all the past experiences in my cinematic career,” he says, reflecting on the character’s mentality adding, “Knowing how my fellow actors were progressing was also crucial to me, particularly if we were working on a web series. We never film in a set order for an online series.”
Ranvir was very explicit when discussing the crime thriller comedy he was in, saying, “I think that there aren’t many crime thriller comedies in India to start with. Only Murders in the Building was the best crime thriller comedy I’ve seen recently. In light of this, Sunflower S2 differs from other crime thriller comedies in that it presents a whodunit. The true delight of this show resides in delving deeper into the dynamics of these quirky characters. The most entertaining aspect of Sunflower lies in its satirical portrayal of living in a cooperative housing society, which distinguishes it from other crime thriller comedies.”
The actor further also added that although there is a lot of stuff available these days, quality isn’t always correlated with quantity. During his career as an actor, “I have seen a lot of small-budget films produced under the independent cinema banner, but not all of them were successful. This is especially true of indie films. On the other hand, a lot of major, high-budget movies fall short too. Nonetheless, Sunflower seems to connect with the audience, maybe because of its realistic premise. There are aspects that many viewers may relate to, especially those who live in housing societies similar to the one shown in the show.”
“A further element of suspense is added by the dramatisation of ordinary life against the backdrop of murder. Furthermore, Vikas’s clever and humorous writing additions are the icing on the cake. These components made up Sunflower’s USPs, and they have definitely raised expectations for the upcoming season,” he said.
“In fact, I found season 2 to be better than season 1,” he remarked in closing. “I said this to Vikas sir as well, and we felt the same way all through the filming. Even though season 2 has its own set of difficulties, it was immensely fulfilling for me as an actor to play this character’s path.”
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