Saturday, February 24, 2024

Commissioner launches Chatbot, High Alert

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According to the instruction of DGP KV Rajendranathnath Reddy, NTR District Police Commissioner Kanti Rana Tata has launched Chatbot and High Alert services in the district with the intention of finding mobile phones lost by the people.

On the occasion, the Police Commissioner said that many programmes had been launched to make police services more accessible to the people. Just by sending the WhatsApp message ‘HI/HELP’ to the number 94406 27057, a link will be sent to the complainant through Chatbot. They can register their complaint by entering the details in it. This will greatly benefit the people of the district.

Similarly, it has been informed that legal action will be taken against anyone who misuses the facility. Along with this, the Police Commissioner launched an app called High Alert to alert the police in case of any emergency in the city. He said that the High Alert app was very useful to alert the police on occasions of kidnapping, snatching and other crimes.

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