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Committees soon for providing infrastructure in govt schools

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Telangana State government has deicided to give high priority to the education sector with special emphasis on providing good infrastructure along with quality education in government schools. In this regard, the School Education department on Wednesday decided to form Amma Adarsha Pathashala Committees.
According to Education department officials, in order to tap the full potential of Women’s Self-Help Groups (SHG) to execute, monitor, strengthen and maintain the basic infrastructure related works in all government schools and deliver entitlements of students such as school uniforms and Mid-Day Meals, Amma Adarsha Patashala Committees will be formed from among the SHG members at the school level and the village organisation/area level, federation president shall be the chairperson of the Amma Adarsha Patashala Committees.
All works related to school development will be executed by the Committees. The Headmaster of the school shall be the Member Convenor and coordinate all activities taken up through the the committees. In this regard, the Commissioner of School Education, Telangana will issue guidelines on composition and process of selection of Amma Adarsha Patashala Committees soon.

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