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Cong approaches Vivek for ‘Ghar Wapsi’

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K Venkateshwarlu

Telangana Congress has approached the BJP national executive committee member Vivek Venkataswamy and appealed to join the Congress party, it is learnt. However, Vivek did not give any clarity following the appeal of the Congress leaders. It is learnt that Vivek may adopt a wait and see policy in regard to Congress’ appeal.

Vivek had been elected as an MP from Congress from Peddapalli Lok Sabha constituency in 2009 elections.Vivek played an important role along with fellow Congress MPs during the passage of the separate Telangana Bill in the Parliament.

Vivek joined the TRS party in 2013, however, Vivek re-joined Congress much before the 2014 elections. However, Vivek lost elections in the hands of TRS candidate Balka Suman. However, Vivek once again joined TRS party in 2016 and quit TRS party in 2019 for KCR denying ticket to him. Vivek later joined BJP and continued in BJP.

However, after the victory of Congress in Karnataka, the former Congress leaders have been looking towards the Congress party again. Telangana Congress too has taken up ‘Ghar Wapsi’ and as part of it, Telangana Congress approached Vivek and asked him to join Congress party leaving BJP. However, Vivek has not yet said anything to the Congress party, it is learnt.

It is learnt that Vivek may not take any decision as of now whether it may be a positive decision or negative decision.

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