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Cong collecting Rahul Tax to fund LS poll campaign: Kishan

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Telangana BJP President G. Kishan Reddy reiterated his allegation that Congress leaders are collecting money from builders, contractors and businessmen in Telangana as Rahul Gandhi tax for funding the Congress’s LS election campaign.
Addressing a meeting of BJP Booth Level Presidents at the LB Stadium on Tuesday, he said that former Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s family looted Telangana. KCR did not allow the state to develop under his dictatorship, he said. However, the condition of the people now is like falling from the frying pan into the oven after the Congress came to power, he said.
Kishan said that the people of Old City wanted the Old City to be free of AIMIM and that the BJP would win 17 of the 17 seats in the Lok Sabha polls. He appealed to the people of Old City to defeat Asaduddin Owaisi in the LS elections.
Kishan said that both the BRS and the Congress are looting the public as they were family-based parties. There is a need to bring about a change in Telangana in the Lok Sabha elections, he said.
He said that the Citizenship Amendment Act is being implemented and that is Modi’s guarantee. The Act is not against any religion or any community, he said and added that some people are spreading lies regarding CAA. There is a need to defeat the campaign of lies against the CAA, he said.
“What is wrong if we give citizenship to Hindus and Sikhs who came to India from neighbouring countries as they were under severe pressure to convert? There is nothing wrong with giving them citizenship. The CAA is not against any religion and nobody’s citizenship will be cancelled,” he said.

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