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Cong resurrection improbable in near future if not impossible, claims book

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The India of the last decade has left the Congress-run India so far behind that it has become an existential crisis for the party to resurrect itself enough to even remain as principal opposition  let alone return to power  claims a new book. In  What If There Was No Congress: The Uncensored History of Independent India   political communicator Priyam Gandhi-Mody takes a look at how different India would have been  if there was no Congress at the helm for the most part of the last 80 years. The book  published by Rupa  revisits some of the key events that shaped India s political history over the last 80 years – Partition  Kashmir  governance  scams  democracy and its interruptions  economic policy  intellectual colonisation and foreign policy – and also seeks to provide a roadmap to the India of tomorrow. The people of the country continue to choose progress over corruption  truth over manufactured lies  security over terrorism and growth over stagnation. In my opinion  the Congress s resurrection is improbable in the near future  if not impossible   Gandhi-Mody claims.
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