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Congress sending feelers to Eatala, Vivek & Konda

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K Venkateshwarlu

The Congress has been sending feelers to BJP’s Huzurabad MLA Eatala Rajender. On Thursday, some Congress leaders including TPCC President Revanth Reddy and others shared the pain that Eatala Rajender had and indirectly signalled to attract Eatala towards the Congress.

It seems that the Congress has been trying to bag not only Eatala but also Vivek Venkata Swamy and Konda Vishweshwar Reddy by exploiting Eatala’s ‘covert’ words in the last couple of days.

Eatala had said that KCR’s agents are present in all political parties and so leaders are not coming forward to join the BJP as KCR is blocking them.TPCC President Revanth Reddy said that “the purpose for which Eatala Rajender went to the BJP has not been fulfilled.”

Eatala joined the BJP to topple KCR but he realised that KCR’s agents are present in the BJP too. The situation is such that Eatala now has to find another way to achieve his goal, Revanth said.

“The leaders who had joined the BJP to overthrow KCR’s dictatorial government are now not happy with the BJP,” he said. Revanth said that the fact that the BJP and KCR are one is clear from the words of Eatela. So people should think about it, he said.

In a chit chat with journos at the Gandhi Bhavan after unfurling the national flag on the 74th Republic Day on Thursday, Revanth said that Eatala Rajender, Vivek Venkataswamy and Konda Vishweshwar Reddy do not subscribe to the BJP ideology but all three oppose KCR. “The BJP ideology does not matter to Eatala, Vivek and Konda,” he said.

Revanth said that there is some dissatisfaction in the BJP as Eatela said that KCR’s agents are present in the BJP too.

Eatala is now in such a position that he cannot move either forward or backward, Revanth said. Although Eatela joined the BJP to defeat KCR, he is now unhappy as his goal has not been achieved.

“Eatela, Vivek and Konda are looking for other options. They should go by the principles they believe in,” Revanth said.

The TPCC President said that whether it is Huzurabad or Munugode, BJP’s votes depend on the situation. But on other occasions the BJP will not get votes, he said.

Revanth said that CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka has been speaking to BRS leader Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy. The party high command has assigned to Bhatti the responsibility to speak to Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy, he said.

Revanth said that the Congress will tighten the anti-defection law if it comes to power at the Centre.

“We will reduce the age to contest in Assembly elections from 25 years to 21. When a 21-year-old can become a collector why cannot a 21-year-old become an MLA?” he asked.

Revanth said that Eatala is also playing a role in KCR’s poisonous experiment. KCR is making Eatala to do what he doesn’t like, Revanth said.

“Eatala is a Leftist, but KCR made him join a rightist party. Eatala does not want to distribute money during elections, but he spent money during the Huzurabad by-election. Unfortunately, Eatala is now doing what KCR wanted him to do,” Revanth said.

Senior Congress leader Dr Cheruku Sudhakar said that Eatala has started speaking shockers.

“The current party of Eatala is not working against KCR. The BJP and the BRS are enacting dramas to defeat the Congress,” he said.

There is no use in Eatala getting pained by saying that the BRS is engaging in covert operations, Cheruku Sudhakar pointed out and suggested that Eatala should realise that only the Congress can defeat the BRS.

Congress Kisan Cell Vice-President M. Kodanda Reddy said that Eatala’s attitude is in line with the Communist ideology.

“It seems that Eatala is getting suffocated in the BJP. The BJP and the BRS are one and that’s why the Centre did not take action when the BRS government diverted funds allocated to Panchayatiraj institutions,” he said.

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