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Content creation: Unlocking the unthinkable options now

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In an exclusive chat with The Pioneer, Meghna Kaur Kaushal aka Shetroublemaker, opens up about the content creation industry, collaborating with renowned brands, dealing with trolls, and much more.

Shikha Duggal

Sadly and periodically, “content creators” are thumped for using any type of material to go viral on social media since the trend has begun in our country. But, little do we know about the rising affluence of these creators’ ecosystem is actually contributing massively to the country’s economy nowadays. Beyond belief, right? When did this happen? Billions of netizens are consuming this content created by them and few world over.

One of the rising and shining phoenixes is Meghna Kaur Kaushal aka “shetroublemaker” for internet users.

A thriving content creator with a keen interest and expertise in luxury fashion, beauty, and travel—is also one of those millennials who gained sudden popularity through Ask.FM, left many in awe as she garnered love and adoration from audiences on her account.

In an exclusive chat with us, to know what just happened all of a sudden, she illuminates, “Yes, I recall making a name for myself when I was at Lakme Fashion Week and a young lad comes up to me and tells me she follows what I create online. A young girl following me on social media, definitely made me realise my popularity.

Most importantly, coming from her was heartfelt. Plus, when I walked the ramp for the stalwart Falguni Shane and Peacock; it was nothing like a dream come true. So, being in this “industry”, an industry of our own niche has unlocked many more monetisation and famed opportunities for us. In consequence, content creation is a valid business now.”

In recent years, her content has grown drastically with a motive of showcasing her quirky and fun self by shooting travel, fashion and beauty videos which have effectively helped her carve out a niche for herself. She has collaborated with famous designers too! The entrepreneur continues, “I deal with renowned brands on a day-to-day basis now—have to keep up with the trends so aggressively.

I turned my likeness into a business on a whole new level. It’s not a side hustle for me, it’s a renewal of my passion pursuit. I was beyond elated to see my fellow colleagues walking the Cannes this year! They proved it there, that we are not just mere “influencers” as few mock us, we are here to share our powerful stories on a world carpet.”

She speaks of sneering, it’s the candour nature of the netizens that they can’t stop battering the content creators online which in turn becomes trouble for them, while Meghna takes it head-on. “The “trolls” can’t easily hurt me, my mental health will always be my only priority. I know, I am a public figure now. I have the opportunity of sharing the sagas of life with everyone across the world but it came at a cost: I lost my private space. Why doesn’t one understands that we are diversifying the content creation space?” asked the social media influencer.

The tea is: it’s not easy being a content creator too. Meghna educates, “Staying relevant amongst so many others & new trends coming up, is a challenge in itself. The users are hungry! What we do is called “influencer marketing”, which is a tool of digital marketing.

So, fans ask for a variety of content every minute and that’s the massive driver of our career to stay substantial and not feel bored from this profession. I have worked diligently to grow my following, I didn’t buy it! The pandemic, in fact, disrupted our community but we didn’t give up. In today’s times, we are so applicable, that I am asked for guidance and recommendations. The cherry on the cake is: building a direct relationship with my fans.

And, when we do pay partnerships — the whole focus is drawn to the brands we are associated with hence, giving them much more attention via our fan base. It’s a hell load of work. Another vital task we have to do as content creators is to report at popular events, another source of publicity on a two-way street. Yes, I sometimes feel burnout, but I like being part of this community now.”

With creators entering the metaverse also now, there is a whole new boom. Taking one for the community, the fashionista says, “The metaverse represents an opportunity for brands to capitalize on consumer trends and explore new mediums, and who better than an influencer which is an industry that is growing every second. We exist on metaverse also now, woohoo! An insight by me: it’s a raging tactic by the brand that wants to take over the marketing space with our help. Everything is going to change with metaverse now — it’s going to be our digital extension in the literal sense now.”    

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