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Corporator’s son bowls googly to Hanuma Vihari

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In what can be seen as blot to the “Adud”am Andhra” games being conducted by Andhra Pradesh government, Tirupathi Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) Corporator’s son has become bigger than cricketer Hanuma Vihari. The corporator’s son has denied the allegation but Vihari said that in a game against West Bengal, he had shouted at a player who complained to his father, who then allegedly asked the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA) to take action against Vihari.
The TDP, on Tuesday, said that Prudhviraj complained to his father Kuntrapakam Narasimha, the YSRCP municipal corporator of the 25th ward from Tirupati who forced the cricketer to resign and leave playing cricket for the team altogether. Even in the Andhra Cricket Association, Chief Minister Y S Jagan Reddy has put his henchmen. The president of the Andhra cricket association is P Sharat Chandra Reddy who is also accused in the Delhi liquor scam. TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu has responded to Hanuma Vihari, the seasoned cricketer with 16 Test matches under his belt, who declared his decision to stop playing cricket for Andhra Pradesh due to what he perceives as YSRCP’s vindictive politics. In a statement posted on X (formerly Twitter), N Chandrababu Naidu conveyed his disappointment regarding the alleged influence of YSRCP’s politics on the Andhra Cricket Association.
He revealed that Hanuma Vihari, a highly skilled Indian international cricketer, has been subjected to what he views as unfair treatment, leading to Vihari’s decision to disassociate himself from representing Andhra Pradesh. “Hanuma, stand firm – your integrity and dedication to the sport are commendable. The actions taken against you do not embody the true essence of Andhra Pradesh or its people. We stand in solidarity with you, and we are committed to ensuring justice prevails,” added Naidu. Jana Sena chief K Pawan Kalyan has expressed resentment at the Andhra Cricket Association for forcing Hanuma Vihari to resign from the captaincy. Pawan Kalyan on Tuesday on social media ‘X” said: “Andhra Cricket Association forced Hanuma Vihari to resign from the captaincy just because a YSRCP Corporator wanted it. A local YSRCP Politician with no cricket background is more valuable than an Indian Cricketer & Andhra Pradesh Ranji Team Captain to our Andhra Cricket Association. What a Shame.
Jagan Mohan Reddy, What is the point of spending crores of money in an event like “Adudaam Andhra’ when the State Cricket Association humiliates and insults our Andhra Cricket Team Captain.” Pawan Kalyan said that Hanuma Vihari always gave his everything for Bharat and for Andhra Pradesh in the domestic circuit.
He said that Hanuma Vihari represented India in 16 Test Matches, and scored five half-centuries & a century, his heroics in the Sydney test against Australia are unforgettable. As Andhra Pradesh Ranji team captain, he helped the Andhra team to qualify for the knockouts five times in the last seven years, from playing with a fractured hand to an injured hamstring. Pawan Kalyan said: “Hanuma Vihari has been a champion player for the state and for the nation.
‘‘We thank you for your services and for inspiring young kids and players in Andhra. All Telugu cricket-loving people feel pained and hurt by the treatment meted out to you by our state Association and we stand with you. Last but not least, wishing you the very best and I hope you will play Andhra again next year with a state board that knows to respect and treat players with dignity.” Earlier it was Ambati Rayadu and now it is Hanuma Vihari. YSRCP said in a statement on X , “
After the Andhra Ranji cricket team player Hanuma Vihari was removed from the captaincy, he made posts on social media criticizing the Andhra Cricket Association. In fact, the team management took this decision because of his poor behavior and abusive language towards fellow players.   But on the basis of his posts, Vihari was fired for political reasons, and the opposition in AP is spreading misinformation. Chandrababu, Lokesh and Pawan Kalyan are behind this campaign. Even though there was no political involvement in the case of Hanuma Vihari, there was a smear campaign. Andhra Cricket Association has released a letter revealing the facts on this. This letter makes it clear that the opposition parties are also using unrelated matters to smear the AP government”

ACA said that Hanuma Vihari was making the allegation as he was not given NoC to play from Hyderabad and out of frustration.
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