Monday, March 4, 2024

CPM to State Govt Mount pressure on Centre to open more Aadhaar centers

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CPM state committee secretary TammineniVeerabhadram on Tuesday urged the Congress government to increase the number of Aadhaar Centers to bring much relief to the people.
With the government making it compulsory to link Aadhaar card to AbhayaHastam scheme, the people have been congregating at Mee Seva Centres, which have been experiencing the unprecedented rush there.  Therefore, he urged the government to bring relief to the people by opening more Aadhaar Centres.
He asked the people to visit Mee Seva Centers without fail to link their KYC information, effect changes in names and for incorporating changes in the address on Aadhaar card.
In fact, the number of Aadhaar centers were in their thousands in the past. But, their number nowadays dwindled to just 350 across the state. There were no enough centers in districts. Therefore, people were seen standing in serpentine queues from early houses before the Aadhaar centers for the past 15 days at the cost of their work schedule.
He said that even women, children and the aged have been standing up in the queues. At some places, the people, out of vexation, have been revolting against the computer operators.
At some other places, people were seen elbowing each other needing for the police to intervene to restore order.

In this background, he appealed to the state government to mount pressure on the Centre for increasing the number of Aadhaar centres across the state.
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