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CPM unveils central, state poll manifesto

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CPM State secretary V Srinivasa Rao unveiled the party’s State and Central election manifesto at the Balotsav Bhavan in Vijayawada on Tuesday. The manifesto, themed ‘CPM Struggle for the People’s Agenda,’ highlights the party’s commitment to addressing the pressing issues faced by the populace.
During a press briefing at the Balotsav Bhavan, Rao called upon the ruling YSRCP, the opposition TDP, and JSP, aligned with the BJP, to address 14 key questions about their governance and policies. He accused these parties of neglecting the welfare of the state and failing to prioritize the concerns of the people.
Rao criticized the lack of inclusion of people’s issues in the election agendas of the YSRCP, TDP, BJP, and JSP, alleging that they were diverting attention by inciting unrest rather than addressing substantive issues.
Highlighting concerns over the implementation of the CAA, Rao demanded clarity from alliance parties TDP and JSP regarding their stance on the matter. He also urged the YSRCP to clarify its position on the CAA, which it purportedly supports.
Encouraging support for the INDIA bloc parties, including Congress, CPI, and CPM, Rao highlighted grievances such as the cancellation of the SC and ST Sub-Plan by the BJP-led NDA government and the absence of Minimum Support Price for agricultural products.
Rao pointedly questioned the silence of YSRCP, BJP, TDP, and JSP on the issue of the privatisation of the Visakha Steel Plant, emphasising the need for transparency and accountability from political leaders.
He attributed the burden of increased property tax and electricity charges to the policies of both State and Central governments, particularly affecting low-income households.
Accompanying Rao at the event were CPM State secretariat members Y Venkateswara Rao, and V Venkateswarlu, along with state committee members D. Subba Rao, J. Jayaram, and K. Hari Kishore.

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