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Crew saw Dwayne ‘peeing in water bottles to save time’: Sources 

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Dwayne Johnson began his career as a WWE wrestler. In the next film, Red One, The Rock will co-star with Chris Evans, another hot Hollywood star. The legendary on-set behaviours of the Black Adam star have reportedly contributed significantly to the film’s production budget, as revealed by a recent article.
Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Lucy Liu are also in the film. It is based on a Hiram Garcia original story and was directed by Hake Kasdan. In collaboration with Seven Bucks Production, Dwayne and Chris are producing their action movie through Amazon MGM Studios.
Insiders have reportedly accused him of arriving late for the Red One filming, which raised the movie’s budget by at least $50 million. The Rock was not only late, but the staff also said they saw him pee in water bottles to save time. “On set, away from his trailer, if he needs to pee, he doesn’t go to the public bathroom,” one of the insiders stated. He urinates in a Voss water bottle, which needs to be disposed of by his crew or a PA.

Another insider explained, “It was a f-king disaster.” One insider stated, “Dwayne truly doesn’t give a f-k.” Speaking of Dwayne Johnson’s lateness and lack of professionalism on the Red One’s set, a source quipped, “The only thing Dwayne was consistent at was being chronically late.” Contrary to that, two sources close to the production told the media outlet that, on average, he was no more than an hour late to set.

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