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Daily milk production in AP is 4 cr litres: Appala Raju

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Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Dairy Development Minister Dr. Seediri Appalaraju has said that the Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, and Dairy Development Departments are working in a very transparent manner with the ultimate goal of the welfare of the farmers without any room for corruption. Addressing a press meet here on Friday, explaining the progress achieved by the Animal Husbandry Department, the Minister said that 42 lakh families in the State depend on animal husbandry for their livelihood. He further said the government implemented many innovative schemes in the State like never before with the aim of improving their living standards on a large scale by benefiting all of them in every way.

Explaining the measures taken by the government to develop the dairy industry in the State, Appalaraju said that the ‘Jagananna Pala Velluva’ scheme is being successfully implemented in the state with cattle belonging to the world’s leading breeds and currently 4 crore liters of milk is being produced per day. While 2 crore liters of milk is being produced domestically, another 60 lakh liters is being produced by private dairies while the remaining 40 lakh liters of milk is being produced from the unorganized sector, he said.

Minister Appalaraju explained that women’s dairy cooperative societies are being formed in each village secretariat. He further explained that already, 1727 societies have been formed within 3108 Rythu Bharosa Kendras in 17 districts. He further explained that besides, automated milk collection points are also being established in small villages.

The Minister said that as a result, milk, meat, and egg products increased significantly in the last financial year, 154.03 lakh metric tons of milk, 10.26 lakh metric tons of meat, and 2,645.03 crore eggs were produced and one-third of the income of the agriculture sector was collected by the Animal Husbandry Department. The Minister said that if we compare the yields of the previous year with the financial year 2018-19, an increase of 108.14 percent in milk production, 131.24 percent in meat production, and 133.89 percent in egg production achieved and the gross national product of the State achieved 140.62 percent at current prices and 117.56 percent at fixed prices.

Appalaraju said that the State government had set up 10,606 Rythu Bharosa Kendras in the State and through these centres various types of services are being provided to the farmers.

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