Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Dark Star

Must read

In Dark Star, Ranbir Sidhu not only contemplates the life of a shuttered, oppressed but wildly imaginative woman, he becomes her, and thus the reader does, too. A beautiful novel of transformation and heart-rending compassion. Ranbir Sidhu is the author of two previous works of fiction, Good Indian Girls and Deep Singh Blue.

The kind of child

In This Kind of Child, Srilata brings together  first-person accounts, interviews and short fiction which open up for us the experiential worlds of persons with disabilities and those who love them. The book offers a multi-perspectival understanding of the disability experience—its emotional as well as imagined truth, both to the disabled themselves as well as to those closely associated with them. K. Srilata is a poet, fiction writer, translator and academic. She was a writer in residence at Sangam House, India, Yeonhui Art Space, Seoul and the University of Stirling, Scotland.

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