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Defamation case filed against Pawan Kalyan

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A criminal defamation petition has been lodged against Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan by a woman volunteer. The petition was filed in the Vijayawada City Civil Court, claiming that Pawan Kalyan’s remarks during the Varahi Yatra held in Eluru had caused mental distress to the volunteers. The petitioner alleged that Pawan Kalyan made baseless allegations against the volunteers without providing any evidence.

Expressing their concern for justice, the women volunteers are seeking appropriate action against Pawan Kalyan. The petitioner’s advocate has filed the case under sections 499, 500, 504, and 505 of the law, demanding that Pawan’s comments be thoroughly investigated and legal action be taken.

Speaking to the media, the petitioner’s advocate said that the victim (volunteer) was deeply affected by Pawan’s comments. The court will conduct an investigation and summon Pawan Kalyan after recording the victim’s statement.

The advocate further asserted that the court will thoroughly examine the allegations as they are particularly concerning, given that a significant number of the volunteers are women. Any evidence related to women trafficking that Pawan claims to have obtained from central intelligence agencies should be presented before the court. Criticising Pawan Kalyan’s comments against the volunteers, the advocate argued that the volunteers have been diligently assisting in the implementation of government schemes to benefit the people. The advocate also hinted at a conspiracy to destabilize the government in Pawan’s comments, calling for clarity on the matter.

The petitioner’s representative demanded that the court take appropriate action against Pawan for disseminating false rumors and making provocative statements that could potentially turn public sentiment against the volunteers.

In response, the female volunteer said, “We have approached the court to seek justice against Pawan. His comments have caused immense harm to us, as they are based on false accusations. The allegations of women trafficking are completely untrue. As a widow, I am raising my children alone, and Pawan’s comments subjected me to unwarranted scrutiny. His misguided blame on us, who selflessly serve, is unacceptable. We demand that Pawan be punished in accordance with the law.”

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