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BharatPe  orderd to pay
Rs 22k to consumer in Nalgonda

The Nalgonda District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, consisting of Mamidi Christopher, S Sandhya Rani, K Venkateshwarlu ordered BharatPe to pay Rs 22,080 to a consumer, Kommuri Mahesh Babu, before July 6.
Mahesh Babu purchased swipe machine from BharatPe of Rs 7,080 through online payment in 2023. He submitted to the court that the swipe machine failed to work properly within one week of its purchase. The sales person did not guide properly and gave wrong information regarding the product. The  BharatPe paid no heed to the problem.
The Complainant communicated the problem to the BharatPe by telephone and by way of electronic mail conversation, but the problem was not solved. He went to court to get damages for deficiency of service from the company.
The Counsel for the respondent said that as per the policy, when anyone takes the BharatPe swipe machine, there is a free look up period policy according to which within seven days of the date of delivery of the machine, the merchant is entitled to get full refund of the payment upon its return.
After hearing the case, the court ordered that the BharatPe is liable to refund the cost of the swipe machine from BharatPe of Rs 7,080 and compensation of Rs 10,000, For mental agony Rs 3,000 and costs for costs of the case is Rs 2,000 to consume.

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