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Delivery boy’s selfless act saves lives through organ donation

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The tragic death of 19-year-old Biswal Prabhas, a delivery boy from Vattinagulapally village, Rajendranagar mandal, Rangareddy district, took a remarkable turn as his organ donation at a city hospital saved the lives of others. The selfless act of Prabhas has not only brought solace to his grieving parents but has also inspired countless individuals to consider the gift of life through organ donation.
On March 14, 2024, Biswal Prabhas met with a terrible accident while delivering food as part of his part-time job. He was immediately admitted to a hospital. Despite the hospital’s best efforts, the doctors declared him brain dead as he succumbed due to severe injuries.
During this challenging time, the medical team of the hospital approached Prabhas’ parents and explained the possibility of organ donation. Overwhelmed with grief but inspired by their son’s kind-hearted nature, the parents selflessly agreed to donate his organs, including his liver.
On March 18, 2024, Dr Senthil Kumar and his team successfully performed the liver transplant, showcasing yet again the exceptional skills and dedication of the medical professionals. The successful transplant has given a new lease of life to another individual who was desperately in need.

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