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Derogatory remarks: Police issue notice to Pawan

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PNS | Visakhapatnam

The Assistant Commissioner of Police, (East), Visakhapatnam, issued a formal notice on Friday to Jana Sena leader K. Pawan Kalyan for making unsubstantiated allegations and employing derogatory language during his ‘Varahi Yatra’ address on August 10. The notice was served to Pawan Kalyan in response to his contravention of the stipulated guidelines for public addresses within the ACP sub-division, wherein he employed verbal expressions and launched severe criticism on August 10.

In the formal notice directed to Pawan Kalyan, the Assistant Commissioner of Police stated, “It has come to our attention that Pawan Kalyan, the President of the Janasena party, has made a series of allegations, employing verbal expressions, baseless derogatory statements, and incitements to the public.

These actions appear to propagate disharmony and animosity among various groups, potentially disrupting public peace and tranquility, and thereby endangering the maintenance of law and order.”

The Assistant Commissioner of Police further stressed the necessity for Pawan Kalyan to provide prior notification to the police about his upcoming programmes and itinerary. Additionally, a stern warning was issued, cautioning that legal actions would be taken in accordance with the law against the speaker if any such stipulations are breached.

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