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Director Chendu Muddu: Director Chendu Muddu: Annapurna Photo Studio is a film worth watching with family

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Annapurna Photo Studio starring Chaitanya Rao and Lavanya in lead roles is all set to hit the theatres on July 21. The recently released teaser and trailer have captivated the audiences with its funny and intriguing storyline. The film is produced by Yash Rangineni under the banner of Big Ben Cinemas and is directed by Chendu Muddu.

Ahead of the movie’s release, the director, who previously helmed O Pitta Katha, shared, “I wanted to tell a pure love story, and that’s why I took this story set in the 80s background. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t pure love stories anymore. But the characters in my film are very pure and innocent. Now technology has changed the way of expressing love. That’s why I wanted to take it to the old times and tell the story. 80’s background made the movie special.”

If you watched O Pitta Katha, even that is set in the rural backdrop. The entire cast and crew have worked really hard to recreate the 80s style. “A disclaimer has been given in advance to the audience to apologize for any small mistakes,” humbly said Chendu.

He furthermore said, “The audience doesn’t mind the period in which the story is set. Sita Ramam was set in the 1960s. Finalising the right locations was the biggest challenge. We shot the movie in the Godavari districts and also in Kerala. While we had budget limits keeping in view the non-star cast, the producer was fully supportive. I feel fortunate that I found such a producer.”

Interestingly, the lead actor in the film Chaitanya Rao auditioned for another film, however after listening to the story of Annapurna Photo Studio, he immediately gave a green signal to it. “I made that film as I thought. Even though I was a new director, Yash Rangineni supported me a lot. He stood by me like a big brother. He is very supportive of the film. Despite knowing that the budget was high, two songs were sung by SPB Charan garu. This is a family movie and it will be clean and entertaining. There will be no bold scenes anywhere. It’s like laughing comfortably for two hours,” added the director.

Prince Henry scored the background score for O Pitta Katha and the director repeated the same combination once again for this film as well.

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