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Director: Love Mouli is the result of love stories that happened in my life

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Love Mouli is a new-age youthful drama featuring Navdeep in a fresh get-up. His free-spirited character in this content-driven movie will bring to the fore his second version – Navdeep 2.0. The super-talented actor is going to be seen as a hero after a break from movies. Avaneendra is the director of this novel and diverse film, which is produced by Nyra Creations and Srikara Studios under the banner CSpace, which has been the ‘adda’ for talented technicians from Tollywood. Every update from this film has been innovative and impresses everyone. The film’s release date was announced on Monday. The makers of the film made it official that the film is releasing on April 19.
Meanwhile, the director of the film, Avaneendra shared, “As Navdeep looks very different in this movie, all the audiences out there are waiting for this movie with good expectations. They believe that the film will be different in terms of it’s concept, as Navdeep 2.0 is going to be seen in it. Looking at the songs released so far, the expectations have only been enhanced. That’s why everyone who has seen Navdeep recently says that he is going to create a new trend with this movie.”
“The story of this movie is the result of the love stories that happened in my life. There are so many variations with respect to love as a love. The story of this movie is an amalgamation of my own experiences. We are releasing the movie on the 19th of this month. Love Mouli will touch the hearts of all the viewers who want different love stories,” the director added.
The film is going to be bohemian and musical. The songs have been designed to complement the overall mood of the youthful film.
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