Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Director Maruthi: Fresh stories like Seetharam Sitralu are always well-liked

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Raising Hands Productions has announced its first film, which is also Tollywood’s first VCR-cassette-based movie. Titled Seetharam Sitralu, the film is directed by D. Naga Sasidhar Reddy and stars Lakshmana Murthy, Bramarambika, and Kishori Dhatrak in the lead roles.
The movie’s trailer was unveiled by director Maruthi on Friday. Based on the trailer, the movie revolves around vintage wedding VHS players, transporting viewers back to bygone eras.
Maruthi stated that films with fresh stories are always well-liked and that he is sure the public will support them. He expressed his desire for the movie to be a hit and to earn everyone’s respect.
As soon as the filming and post-production are completed, the release date is anticipated to be revealed.
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