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Discord in Cong delightful for BJP

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The infighting in the Congress has increased the hopes of the BJP in Telangana. The BJP leadership wants to use the differences in the Congress. Both the Congress and the BJP are claiming that they are the alternative to the BRS in the state. But with every passing day, the Congress is weakening due to infighting while the BJP is trying to strengthen itself. Ahead of the Telangana Assembly elections while the hopes of the Congress are decreasing, the hopes of the BJP of becoming the sole alternative to the BRS in increasing.

The BJP leadership strongly believes that the infighting in the Congress will prove an advantage to them over the BRS as the BJP thinks that Congress leaders are dead set against the BRS and if they want to change party they will look towards the only other viable party other than the BRS. While the infighting in the Congress led to resignations in the TPCC, BJP President JP Nadda asked Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar to meet him to discuss the latest political developments in Telangana.

As per the directions of Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Nadda called Sanjay to discuss Telangana politics. The BJP leadership wants to attract Congress leaders using the differences among them to strengthen the BJP.

The BJP leadership thinks that if Congress leaders would not like to join their party and if the Congress weakens the BJP has the advantage and not the BRS.The BRS leadership wants the Congress and the BJP to be equal in strength so that anti-incumbency votes get equally split. The BRS leadership thinks that the victory in the Munugode Assembly by-election is an example of this.

The BRS leadership is not trying to attract Congress leaders due to differences with them. But if the BJP tries seriously to attract senior Congress leaders then the BRS leadership will also enter the picture.

Based on the national political scenario the BRS leadership thinks that Congress leaders who want to change the party will opt for the BRS.At the national level, the BJP is the main target of the Congress leadership. But the BJP leadership based thinks that Congress leaders will choose only their party if they want to change as in TS the main target of the Congress is the BRS and not the BJP.

If differences within the Congress are not settled the political picture may change during Assembly elections. The present triangular fight may become a direct fight between the BRS and the BJP in the Telangana Assembly elections.

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