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Distortion of history a ‘danger’ engulfing the country, says Stalin

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Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin on Tuesday termed as a “danger”, a distortion of history and warned against falling for “imaginary stories” being floated by some as history.

In his address at the 81st annual session of the Indian History Congress here, Stalin also stressed the need for a government to remain secular.

The Chief Minister said many wondered if studying history will ensure them a lucrative career but doing so is not just about getting a degree and salary.

“We should study history to know ourselves. Only those who have studied the past can create history in the present; can predict the future. Such history should be science-based fact. Some people are talking about imaginary stories as history. One should not get fooled by believing them and they should not be accepted,” he said.

A knowledgeable society will not accept such theories, Stalin added.

“The danger that has engulfed the country today is this distortion of history. The dignity of the Constitution should be safeguarded in education, language, culture, authority, economy and administration,” he said.

Citing a 1994 ruling of the Supreme Court, he underscored the need for a government to remain secular and rein in forces that divided people of different faiths. The Indian landscape was so (secular) once upon a time but “the differences are the ones created by some persons later.”

Pointing out the various archaeological excavations underway in Tamil Nadu, including at Keeladi and Kodumanal, Stalin said “we are speaking proudly about our historic specialities only based on scientific facts.”

For instance, Keeladi studies have shown that urbanisation and literacy prevailed in the Tamil landscape as early as the 6th Century BC.

Such studies, undertaken by the DMK government since 2021 in seven locations in the state, are being done in association with various other agencies, he pointed out.

Many efforts to highlight the historical importance of such places, like setting up of museums are on, the Chief Minister informed.

“History should not be a document that talks only about kings, their lifestyle and victories. History should also reflect people from all walks of life. This is our view,” Stalin said.

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