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DOCTORED VIDEO OF SHAH’S SPEECH Revanth is accused No.1: Kishan

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Union Tourism Minister and BJP State unit president G Kishan Reddy on Wednesday alleged that Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy in his capacity as Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) president posted Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s deep fake video on Congress Party’s official account.
Kishan Reddy made it clear that Revanth Reddy should own the total responsibility. He expressed the view that Revanth Reddy was the first accused in the case.
The Union Minister warned that they would not let off whoever it may be in a fake video issue. He said that they could make the accused “count the bars of the jail.”
Kishan Reddy said, “Video morphing cases are also as serious as phone tapping cases. Two are criminal acts only. Congress has indulged in a fake campaign regarding reservations and BRS has indulged in a fake campaign on making Hyderabad a Union Territory. People understood about these politicians’ activities and already BRS was out of power and Congress would also face the same fate”.
While addressing the media on Wednesday at the State BJP office, Kishan Reddy alleged that CM Revanth Reddy threw the 6-guarantees to the wind spoke about the Constitution and posted morphed videos.
Finding fault with Revanth Reddy for comparing Gujarat domination and Telangana valour, Kishan Reddy asked Revanth Reddy to tell whether he participated in the Telangana movement.
The INC means Italy National Congress, Kishan Reddy said.
Kishan Reddy alleged that Telangana Congress leaders were sending suitcases to Delhi to collect money in the name of the ‘RR’ tax.
Kishan Reddy alleged that the people are ready to ensure the victory of Modi for the third time. However, Congress and BRS jointly indulged in venomous campaigns against the BJP. Revanth Reddy has adopted a soft attitude towards former chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao’s corruption. Both Congress and BRS are trying to obstruct the victory of the BJP using AIMIM as a middlemen. However, people won’t believe Revanth Reddy’s overaction, he was slammed.
Kishan Reddy said that Revanth Reddy believed that the Congress came to power because of him. The reality is that the people voted for the Congress out of anger against the BRS.

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