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Doctors advise precautions during winter season

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Doctors advised people in general and those who have chronic health problems like thyroid, heart problems, diabetes and asthma to take adequate precautions during winter besides taking care of their skin and feet.

Precautions like use of glycerin soap, lip balm, massaging body with olive oil or coconut oil are being advised. Bike travellers have been advised to wear monkey caps, shoes and gloves. Those who travel under the sun should apply sunscreen lotion to their body.

The people have been asked to wear socks while at home. People suffering from cough, cold, flu and fever have been asked to take rest at home. People suffering from asthma should keep their daily use medications always at hand during winter. They should avoid going out in dust and under windy conditions. They should use inhalers and nebuliers on the advice of doctors.

People having heart problems and those who have undergone cardiac surgical treatment have been advised against walking during winter as the blood vessels have the tendency to contract during winter. Those who are having BP and diabetes should take precautions.

The people should take balanced diet during winter. They should consume fruits like guava, pomegranate, papaya, fruits rich in Vitamin-C and bananas. The fruits rich in Vitamin-C protect people from cold and flu. During winter, the immunity power of individuals would be down. As a result, people would acquire cold and cough easily. The food digestion rate would be very slow. People should use more of eggs, fish and foods rich in zinc and almonds. It is also advised to take yoghurt during winter. People should take warm food and keep themselves away from outside foods.

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